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Crazy Kleen Carpet Cleaning: Specializing in pet odor removal, Coffee & Tannon Stains, Red Stains, Carpet repairs and Stretching; Above all Making our customers outragously Happy!

Don’t be fooled by cheap ads. Does anyone really think they will get their carpets cleaned for $2.95 a room? or even $9.95??? Of Course NOT! No Company is going to only charge you $15 to come Clean 5 rooms! They wouldn’t be in business spending $15 in gas to show up. Plus they have to pay their Technician to do the work. These “Splash and Dash” companies can do more damage than good. Here’s how they work.

$15 to show up to your house.
$2.95 Per Room to be cleaned: 5 rooms upto 150sqft  = $15 plus extras
$0.35 per square foot IF YOUR CARPETS LOOK DIRTY. (If your calling for a carpet cleaner then it’s a very good chance your carpets “look” dirty) For preconditioning! Now lets say these 5 rooms are all 150 square feet in size. That’s going to cost you: 262.50! just to precondition!! If they don’t use preconditioner they are just throwing Water on your carpet and sucking it up! AKA Rinsing!!
$20 per room for a Truck Mounted (Best Cleaning available) equipment. That’s $150! Truck mounted equipment lets them properly sanitize your Carpets! Being able to obtain the “Hot Steam” that sanitizes the carpet while they “flush out with water” the dirt and grime! It’s also powerful enough to remove all the water that they have soaked your carpets with. Making it so your carpets will dry in 2-4 hours, not 2-4 days.

So lets recap here: $15 to show up, $15 for the rooms, $262.50 for PreConditioner, $150 for TruckMounted Equipment for sanitation and proper water extraction.

Total Cost of the “cheap ad” $442.50! or MORE! WHAT?!

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Chandler AZ

I thought I called to get the $15 Advertised price! Yes this is how they work. Since they put in their ad that they charge these things, (Read your ad carefully)It’s not ‘bait and switch’ but it sure FEELS LIKE IT!

I showed up: INCLUDED (kinda hard to clean if I don’t show up)
5 areas (upto 200sqft ea.) $35 per Area (halls, bedrooms, familyroom etc.) $175 plus extras.
Truck Mount Equipment for proper water extraction and sanitation: INCLUDED!
Oh– Visibly Dirty Carpets (Needs Preconditioning)
…. Isn’t that why you called me? ALWAYS INCLUDED.

Crazy Kleen: Only $175!