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Wood Floor Polishing Chandler Arizona

Methods and Techniques

Wood floors are an excellent alternative to carpeting for almost any commercial or residential space. While they do not have the same warmth and noise cancelling capabilities as carpets do, many in the real estate business find that wood floors offer a touch of refinement that carpets do not.

What Cleaning Is Required For Floors?

Some assume that wood flooring requires less frequent cleaning care and to some extent this might be true. They certainly do not encompass the amount of bacteria and soil that carpets do and cleaning wood floors means not having to vacuum and deep clean twice a year. However, when damage does occur to carpet, like a soil buildup, the results are usually felt and not seen. This is not true for wood floors, whose scratches and blotches appear to be magnified.

Regardless of the occupants of your home, a wood floor will inevitably be victim to damage. Whether from furniture moving, heavy items dropping or liquid spilling, no wood floor stays blemish free.

What We Do

Wood Floor Polishing Chandler AZ
Crazy Kleen Carpet & Upholstery cleaning offers a first class wood floor cleaning service for Crazy Kleen residents consisting of:

  • Buffing- a process to even out the wood floor surface.
  • Sanding- to wear down any scratches or to buff out any blemishes.
  • Sealing- application of polyurethane to provide a beautiful finish and a protective coat.

Why A Professional?

Having a professional clean and seal your wood floors is favorable to doing it yourself because wood floors can be sensitive to a number of cleaning agents. Even water, a basic cleaning element, can cause severe warping. Not only that, but sanding and buffing wood floors usually involves removal of the previous polyurethane coat and therefore special attention areas might need additional or separate care.

All of our wood floor cleaning services come with a free over the phone or on-site price estimate, which can be obtained through our customer service representatives.